Tip Via Interac E-transfer

Thank you kindly for your tips.

Interac E-Transfer:

  1. Click this link to copy our e-mail address to your clipboard: [copy text=”Click Here”  content=”info@clannamorna.ca”]

  2. Open your online banking and initiate a new Interac E-transfer to the e-mail address which you can now paste as the recipient.

  3. Set the password as “Morna”


Bitcoin: [copy text=”3P24YJnAFFbFcsGEFsRUGRAB9xVUGvmtWh (click to copy)” content=”3P24YJnAFFbFcsGEFsRUGRAB9xVUGvmtWh”]









Ethereum: [copy text=”0xf11240fdc5aee7a76d184d49c5f50b51ab782844 (click to copy)” content=”0xf11240fdc5aee7a76d184d49c5f50b51ab782844″]